10 essentials that belong in every closet

Your closet is bursting at the seams and yet you have nothing to wear? You want to go out for cocktails after work, but don’t want to go home again or go to the office already dressed up? If this sounds familiar, you should urgently invest in a few basics with which you are guaranteed to never do anything wrong and which are versatile. We’ve put together ten wardrobe essentials to help you step through the coming decades in style.

Trends come and go, true style remains

1. the trench coat

The coat is a true fashion classic, which has even written film history: To Humphrey Bogart and Sherlock Holmes, for example, it lent a mysterious aura, somewhere between hoodlum and gentleman. Audrey Hepburn proved in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” that the trench coat suits both sexes equally well. The scene in which she passionately kisses her “Fred” (both in trench coats!) while the rain rolls off their coats remains unforgettable. In fact, the trench coat was first used in the military due to its weather-resistant but lightweight material, as the name still reveals today (English trench). At the end of the 19th century, Thomas Burberry laid the foundation for the coat that would later revolutionize the fashion world with the invention of the fabric gabardine. However, we love the trench not only for its practical advantages, but because it gives our outfits that extra dose of elegance. It adds length to short skirts or dresses and makes you look more dressed. Tied, it can even pass for a dress. So that the whole thing does not go in an exhibitionist direction, it is best to let some fabric peek out underneath!

2. the black turtleneck sweater

It is the successful mesh for a look that is modern, but not fashionable. In the office, the preferably tight-fitting turtleneck can easily take on the blouse or blazer. For a long time, however, it was considered the distinguishing mark of art historians and existentialists. Steve Jobs proved that it can be simple yet striking with his statement look. After all, the turtleneck covers the entire upper body and draws all attention to the face. The high collar signals aloofness, seriousness and severity, so it is recommended to combine the turtleneck with wide pants, skirts or jeans. Only one thing the turtleneck should not be: washed out.

3. the white t-shirt

You probably have dozens of white t-shirts in your closet. If not, you should definitely get one. Whether round neck or V-neck, slightly transparent or with a breast pocket, the main thing is that the quality is right and the material does not pill. The perfect white T-shirt should sit loosely and give you optimal freedom of movement. This makes it versatile, whether with jeans, skirt or blazer. If that’s too boring for you, you can either spice up your T-shirt with accessories or combine it with high heels. In case of stains or discolorations, do not throw away the T-shirt right away, but rather dye it with textile dye.

4. the oversize blazer

The oversize blazer is a real all-rounder for all body shapes and seasons. Not many fashion items can claim that. “Oversize” here means slightly too big, but not ill-fitting. Light shoulder pads and extra length help you achieve an emancipated and self-confident power look. With rolled-up sleeves and open buttons, elegant dresses or skirts with floral prints look much more casual and conceal problem zones. With a waist belt, on the other hand, feminine looks can be created from blazers, leggings and loose T-shirts. Especially practical: The oversize blazer can be easily integrated into everyday work and also functions as a transitional jacket.

5. the leather jacket

James Dean, at the latest, made the leather jacket a must-have with cult status. But you don’t necessarily have to ride a motorcycle or listen to rock 'n roll to benefit from the coolness factor of the leather jacket. Of course, it has something adventurous and rebellious about it, which is why buckles and rivets quickly seem too much. The fact is: the simpler the leather jacket, the more timeless and easier it is to combine. This is already an important criterion in view of the high purchase price. In the meantime, however, there are high-quality and, above all, inexpensive alternatives made of polyurethane, which hardly differ visually from leather jackets made of real animal skin. A black smooth leather jacket goes with just about any outfit. However, it looks especially good in contrast to playful dresses and wide pants.

6. the pencil skirt

The hallmark of the so-called “pencil skirt” is the knee-covering, tight hem and the high waist. The pencil skirt has its origins in the hobble skirt, also called the “tube skirt” because of its bottom length. At the beginning of the 20th century, this skirt made it difficult for women to walk and only allowed them to take small steps, which often led to tripping accidents. The women’s world breathed a sigh of relief in 1954, when the French designer Christian Dior created a shorter and body-hugging version of the skirt. Today, longer skirts usually have a slit to prevent tripping. Granted, even the name suggests an office context. But who says that you have to combine the figure-flatterer only with a blouse and pumps? Especially in combination with sneakers and oversized T-shirts, great ensembles can be conjured up. Also in terms of material and pattern, there are no limits to the imagination. Whether made of leather, satin or denim, the pencil skirt puts your curves optimally in scene and pulls the legs visually in length.

7. the shirt blouse

If this basic is not yet in your closet, you can simply borrow it from your partner. Based on the classic men’s shirt, the female counterpart is the perfect mix of casual and serious. One small difference: the button placket is on the left side of the shirt blouse for women, instead of on the right. With its straight cut, the shirt blouse radiates down-to-earthness and self-confidence. However, if you have a larger bust size, you should definitely make sure that the blouse does not tighten around the top. In the office it can be combined wonderfully with a sweater, in the evening, on the other hand, can be opened quietly one more button.

8. one pair of white sneakers

Anyone who thinks too practically now is missing out on an important fashion essential. Isn’t it the streaks and dirt that give the shoes their individual character and tell of danced-through nights, long walks and the odd foot flirt? Sneakers have long been allowed to be worn in the office - if they are white! White stands for innocence and redemption but also for minimalism. White sneakers really go with all (really all!) Outfits and also make themselves much better with black clothes than the other way around.

9. the little black

That we have listed this all-time favorite probably surprises no one. Audrey Hepburn made it a trademark and the epitome of style and elegance. Nevertheless, the usually body-hugging dress also had something disreputable attached to it until the 60s, such as Marilyn Monroe in “Some like it hot”. We also want to include this touch of Hollywood in our range. But the “invention” of the little black dress was none other than style icon Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel with her design of a knee-length, tight-fitting dress with long sleeves. This was published by US Vogue in 1926 and dubbed the “uniform for all women of taste”. Since then, countless style icons have proven that the little black dress can adapt to any style and context. How the look works depends not least on the matching accessories.

10. your favorite blue jeans

Whether skinny, carrot, flare, highwaist or hip, your favorite blue jeans fit perfectly with your own style and fit perfectly. In it you feel comfortable and can be yourself. That a good pair of jeans can be a loyal companion, we know at least since the movie “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”. Generally speaking, pockets in the middle make a tight butt, while deep pockets tend to pull it down visually. In order to have your favorite piece for as long as possible, we recommend that you always turn your jeans inside out before washing and never use fabric softener, otherwise the pants will quickly lose their shape. Ideally, jeans should not be washed too often, smaller stains can usually be rubbed out with warm water and detergent.

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