Your basic wardrobe for fall

How to face the autumn weather

The closet once again gives nothing. Especially not for the classically casual transitional period. Besides, you're thirsting for warm autumnal colors to lead you into the cooler season. It's crying out for a new basic wardrobe for fall. But where do you start?

Orange, rusty red, mustard yellow, ochre, burgundy, purple and eggplant - the warm color palette has a lot to offer and is just the right messenger to ring in fall, especially after the pastel or poppy summer and spring hues. We'll tell you how you can make the transitional period a practical and visual part of your closet and make it all your own.

Fall basics from one color family

To wrap yourself up in cozy fall colors from head to toe, you first need basics in related colors. This way you can create a so-called "Capsule Wardrobe" - a minimalist wardrobe that forgoes trends and instead focuses on high-quality, timeless pieces. This way you can still wear them in the following seasons. You can always spice up the clothes with trendy jewelry or shoes.

If you choose earth tones for your fall wardrobe, you can buy an ocher longsleeve, red-brown trousers or a skirt and a cardigan in caramel - simple dresses are also part of this basic outfit. If you prefer red, rust red, brick red and terracotta are suitable for your new basics. The shades of red, just like the yellows, should always be muted and not too rich - just like the sunset in October or the leaves that the trees are slowly shedding.

If you want to add a little splash of blue, focus on purple variations: Eggplant, Burgundy, Lavender or Cherry colors. Muted orange and dark yellow are also good candidates for a timeless fall set. If you're not into warm colors at all, feel free to go for "Fifty Shades of Green" - khaki, olive, fir green and moss green, anything that reminds you of an earthy-scented walk in the woods will put you in a homey mood and transport you to enchanted fairytale forests.

Your perfect fall outfit: color-coordinating accessories and outerwear

Once you've put together your fall wardrobe, you can think about which fashion accessories and, importantly for the approaching change in weather, which outerwear will harmonize with it. For an all-red outfit, combine brown shoes and perhaps a thin brown trench coat. A thin beret as well as rings and bracelets with red stones make the look complete. Scarves and gloves are great little helpers, depending on the temperatures, to give the autumn styling the absolute final touch. Are there also dresses and skirts in your fall closet? Then it's best to buy color-coordinated tights as part of your basic outfit. If you're feeling daring, combine them with rubber boots in red, green or yellow. This way, despite the shortening days and approaching winter, you'll be in a cozy autumn mood.

Photo by Melvin Buezo

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